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Three key insights into the future of AI in corporate legal departments


Winmark‘s annual survey of General Counsel (GCs) in large UK companies  confirms that AI will have a significant impact in corporate legal departments over the next two to three years, through a host of applications including data analytics, predictive tools, document review and chat bots. Three key insights from the study are outlined below:

Contract Analysis Software: The Technology Fundamentals


Over the past few years, contract analysis software has become a mainstream solution that clients increasingly expect and request. Yet despite this growth in adoption, professional services teams and their clients often misunderstand the underlying technology. Vendor-created-hype doesn’t help.

While the various technologies behind contract analysis software are complex, the underlying concepts can be broken down into two simple categories of artificial intelligence.

Are AI technologies creating new markets for clients in the legal sector?


Legal IQ spoke exclusively to Jeffrey Brandt, CIO, Jackson Kelly LLC and Jeroen De Man, Managing Partner, De Groote -De Man, to discuss their thoughts on whether AI technologies are creating new markets for clients in the legal sector, and where the legal AI industry will be in five years time. 

Letter from Legal AI 2019 Chairman


There is no question that artificial intelligence is one of the most talked about technologies today. In my role as Editor of the PinHawk Law Technology Daily Digest, I see feeds from over 500 news sources daily and AI has topped the list for months. Unfortunately when it comes to the legal market, a good portion of that talk is also hype. It takes time and energy to separate the two.