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Contract Analysis Software: The Technology Fundamentals

Over the past few years, contract analysis software has become a mainstream solution that clients increasingly expect and request. Yet despite this growth in adoption, professional services teams and their clients often misunderstand the underlying technology. Vendor-created-hype doesn’t help.

The Robots are coming, what to expect from AI in 2018

The robots have been coming for some time it seems. From Turing to Watson, intelligent computers have sparked a mix of fear and excitement for decades.

Trends Report 2018: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Law

In light of the rapidly evolving legal landscape, we have put together this trends report based on the thoughts 200 legal professionals. Some of the notable findings of this report are that 81% of our respondents are looking to invest in AI technology within the next 24 months, and over...

Communicating The Benefits Of AI: Strategies For Securing Internal Buy-In

AI is already revolutionising the legal sector, building new avenues of revenue generation and client development for law firms. However, communicating these benefits effectively and securing buy-in from partners and board members can be challenging.This article will explore strategies for creating a positive momentum throughout your law firm, building a...

Reading and thinking like a lawyer at speeds and volumes far surpassing human capacity

In 2015, mathematicians, computer vision and data security experts from the University of Cambridge came together with leading lawyers to bring us Luminance: the world’s most advanced AI platform for the legal profession

How Artificial Intelligence is shaping the legal marketplace of the future

Artificial intelligence is growing at a phenomenal speed- while eDiscovery has fundamentally transformed the way complex litigation support is performed. Over the next decade artificial intelligence will transform transactional and advisory practice teams, creating new markets for clients in areas such as contract creation, payment security and performing due diligence. ...

How to use innovation to drive excellence in the legal sector

With the new technology boom and rise of AI, the legal sector is about to undergo a massive evolution that we are not close to understanding the scale of yet. Some legal companies will remain relevant and others will not. So what are the key success factors that will make...

The legal sector's view on AI

Between fear and excitement, how is the legal sector preparing for AI, this growing force that cannot be ignored? In this exclusive infographic, discover what  the main commercial motivations and inhibitors are behind the implementation of the various solutions in companies, their time frame and what already exists in the legal sector....