31st October - 2nd November 2017 | London

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How is AI redefining the Legal Sector?

What is the reality of the current commercial, ethical and cultural impact of AI in the legal sector?

Ahead of the Legal AI Forum (31st October – 1st November), we decided to confront two experts of the legal sector with three statements, on human labour, the management of AI decisions in court and how client demand drives innovation.

The legal sector's view on AI

Between fear and excitement, how is the legal sector preparing for AI, this growing force that cannot be ignored? In this exclusive infographic, discover what  the main commercial motivations and inhibitors are behind the implementation of the various solutions in companies, their time frame and what already exists in the legal sector. Ahead of the inaugural Legal AI Forum (31st of October - 1st of November), we surveyed experts, from C-board to Innovation Managers, to gather their insight on the legal sector's position on AI. 

How to use innovation to drive excellence in the legal sector

With the new technology boom and rise of AI, the legal sector is about to undergo a massive evolution that we are not close to understanding the scale of yet. Some legal companies will remain relevant and others will not. So what are the key success factors that will make companies stand out from their competitors? Ahead of the inaugural Legal AI Forum (31st October– 1st November), Rein Graat, General Counsel Asia-Pacific at ING Bank gave us his expert insight on what will drive excellence in the future legal sector.