18 - 19 September, 2018 | United Kingdom

Joanne Frears

Lionshead Law


With an obvious reference to a master of adaptation, Joanne Frears will look at the bigger picture of scoping AI and whether AI really will replace lawyers. She will consider:
  • What do you think AI is? From chatbots to AV via machine learning and the internet of things, AI is already all around us sifting big data, monitoring our health & habits and reforming our attitudes.
  • What does your firm want AI for? If you want it to read contracts you are probably missing the point. That’s a bit like discovering electricity and then only ever using it to animate the legs of dead frogs!
  • Just how much cleverer is AI than the combined IQ of your board? Yes, it’s cleverer than you, so are it’s slowest programmers. It probably has better social skills than your litigation department and undoubtedly a better line in questioning than your due diligence teams.
  • How do you go about spec’ing, procuring and maintaining a system that is faster, better, cleverer than your staff? So how are you going to imagine how it can be used? Planning and flexibility are key, so are clear parameters and operations.
  • Who will AI replace at your firm - here’s a clue, “Turn and face the strange, changes. there’s going to have to be a different man.”!
  • Does any of this matter when the clients’ interests come first?
  • Will lawyers only be left to deal with the Minority Report?

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